The printing set up GPMA organization to promote the development of the printing
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The printing set up GPMA organization to promote the development of the printing

 At FESPA ended in London, England seven printing leading to set up a joint and related institutions of GPMA organization (The Graphic and Print & Media Alliance, image printing art Media Alliance), in order to promote The continuous development of The printing!
GPMA members include: Europe international advertising and technology equipment exhibition (UK) co (Fespa UK), the British printing and information alliance (BAPC), British coatings alliance (BCF), the independent printing industry alliance (IPIA), the British suppliers of printing presses, paper and packaging industry association (Picon), packaging equipment and processing federation (PPMA) and Rubicon network organization.
The UK printing industry federation (BPIF) have not yet been announced for the organization, but its chief executive Kathy Woodward (Kathy Woodward) said will attend GPMA organizational meetings and activities, or to help them. She added, however, will continue to separate identity to accelerate the development of printing industry.
At present, the GPMA organization are also trying to get other related associations to join, hope to be able to attract 15 or more associations to join. GPMA organization's primary goal is to study the details of the printing industry data, including average turnover, number of practitioners, and printing market value and so on.
"Our long-term goal is to improve the expressive force of print, not release to the industry is not the real statistics." GPMA organization President and Picon President Peter Morris said. (Peter Morris)
GPMA activities also include communication and coordination with the government printing digital media challenges, statistics and printing production, staff structure, and strengthen the industry training, etc.

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