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The first African label printing peak BBS March 19 held

In 2012 to March 19, 20,, in Cape Town, South Africa, the international conference center (CTICC) held the first African label printing peak BBS recently announced the schedule, will mainly discuss in the international and local market super fast growth the promotion, labels and packaging printing market trend of future development and potential.
At the appointed time, eli labels and packing materials global research center vice President Jay Gouliard sir will do this BBS theme speech. Mr. Gouliard in the speech will emphasize the importance of sustainable development, and environmental labels and inventory innovative packaging market development present situation. Next, Watson packing association (AWA Alexander Watson Associates) Mr. Corey Reardon and the packaging and printing magazine Mr Gill Loubser on the first day of the BBS on African market introduction the occurrence of new development trend and development. Then, from the United States California famous wines with industry and commerce Jay Tapp sir mark will through the case analysis way, introduced in the digital printing presses installation after what happened and the transformation of enterprise brought about by the new market opportunities. Calibre brand solutions company Nigel over at tiffany Deary sir will explore innovation labels and packaging design is how to promote sales.
On the first day of the BBS also arranged for 2 field experts group discussion, by "tag and the label" group executive director Andy Thomas presided over Mr. To participate in discussion of the experts are: Paarl label company's Callie DE Wet, Mr Ferroprint company's Jeremy Ferrow sir, Uniprint company Leal Wright sir, as well as from the African Interlabels company Mr Sachen Gudka. They will discuss Africa facing the tag to xiang is a series of problems, and will be South Africa as a springboard into the African continent, in the import and export market opportunities. In another about retail link group discussion, will focus on private label, discusses brand labels, and individual tags, and used for product promotion of small batch labels, to participate in discussions of experts include: Shoprite company Mark Anley Clicks of the company from Mr. And Adele Carstens and Susane Exsteen.
The second day of the BBS will further discuss South Africa and global beverage label market new opportunities of development. Participate in the special guest speech include: the Russ company Kishore Sarkar. He will introduce grape bottle adornment skill and trend; From Multi-Color group Zoyon le Sueur sir will demonstrate the latest labeling technologies, including the non-drying label application case analysis. The group discussion about beverage packaging will be discussed in the new decoration technology is how to create more business opportunities for the enterprise. Wine and industry and commerce Boer & Brit company's Stefan Gerber sir will participate in experts group discussion.
In order to match the BBS held the same period will also host a small desktop expo, global 30 home leading supplier will participate in the show. In addition, in the first days after the BBS, the audience will also enjoy the Granger bay in Grand Cafe and Beach bars for the dinner PARTY held and PARTY, then, still can visit Zevenwacht chateau, wine tasting.
Global label printing series exhibition executive director Mr. Roger Pellow said: "in Cape Town, South Africa, held its first label printing peak BBS I feel very excited. African market is growing, and the importance of South Africa is show the region tag and the packaging and printing of the fast development of the best stage. To hold the BBS, we aim to for South Africa and industry and commerce provide better service, to create more with the international and domestic suppliers, brands, designers and printing business opportunities, learn from each other, and understand the local and the industry and commerce with a series of problems, and jointly seek effective solution."

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