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The 2013 global print book sales, but children's books grow

 Investigation and analysis, according to 2013 books in print book sales in 2013, down 2.5% compared with 2012.Printed books in 2013 totaled 620 million, compared with 2012, a batch of large such as wal-mart stores to become the main seller of printed books.Large retailers, bookstores and amazon and other Internet shop is the main source of books to buy.
As digital has become the mainstream market, fewer people through the store to buy books, especially the adult fiction books, compared with 2012, paper book sales fell 11.2%, adult nonfiction books also has a 0.2% decline.Compared with 2012, in addition to fiction readers to e-books, non-fiction book sales relative performance is better.The children's nonfiction books, also rose by 5.8% compared with 2012 sales.Children's fiction books also have 0.2% increase.
From the point of types of books, hardcover book in 2013 only 0.4% of the decline in sales, performance is better.Popular paperback books, paper fall is better.Surprisingly, cardboard book sales more than 16% growth.

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