Single machine production common problems
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Single machine production common problems
Single machine with flexible operation, easy to use, cheap, cover an area of an area small, etc by small and medium sized carton enterprises favor. However, some enterprises by using the single side corrugated cardboard machine production time is relatively short, production equipment and more complex, often occurs in the process of production problems, which not only influence the product quality, and waste a lot of raw materials, correctly grasp the single-sided machine, to guide the carton production, improve the quality of the cartons has very important significance. Here are single machine production process of common quality problems and solutions discussed together with the colleagues.
Does a, large area into a batch of glue
Adhesive coated with a white line on the corrugated peak, with handle gently wipe on different parts of the starch granules was that as a result of the adhesive is not fully gelatinization. The reason is that the temperature of the hot roller does not meet specified requirements, reach the pasting temperature of adhesives. Adhesive coating line slightly glossy if found not glued down and the reason for this is adhesive glue doesn't match the speed and the speed and the viscosity of the adhesive problem.
When the tightness of paper, permeability is strong, the surface of the adhesive adsorption capacity and the penetration is not strong when it is easy to happen. Solution is to improve the adhesive, enhance its penetration, or glue to the paper surface spray, slow down, increase paper preheating. Adhesive coating volume starts to affect adhesion, check when available iodine liquid daub glue coating line, according to the judgement about the coating becomes blue, adjust the paste disc, increase the amount of coating adhesive.
Second, does one or several longitudinal glue
Does the reasons for this problem is mainly glue line in the corresponding paper guide clearance does not meet the requirements. Solution is to adjust the clearance. When guide board and corrugated board under the clearance is too large, corrugated paper is not close to the roller, the corrugated paper and paper in the pressure roller pressure, corrugated get squashed. And guide board and corrugated roller clearance, to achieve the reach to glue will glue roller, pushing paper guide bottom bend easily, cause paperboard lower Angle, pointed at left a book mark, corrugated surface on the glue. When the clearance through the hours, has influence to the amount of glue, make bad face paper and corrugated glue.
Three, face paper wrinkling and stare blankly
Web-fed due to reasons such as transportation, loading and unloading, and storage, reel paper is not round. Make paper to single machine, loose when close, when the surface of paper wrinkle and stare blankly. The solution is moderately tight brake. Another case is the moisture content of paper is not uniform, causing the expansion rate of paper, glossy paper wrinkling and collapse and this can only be solved by carton business personnel at the time of purchase.
Four and half amplitude adhesion and poor adhesion
The reasons for this problem, is the pressure roller and between the corrugated roller clearance should be between 0.3 0.4 mm. Normal clearance before the possibility of less on both ends of the installation of the machine, and more likely to pressure is inconsistent, it should first adjust the pressure.
Fifth, stare blankly deflection down
Stare blankly deflection caused fall is the common cause of single-sided machine, the corrugated roller tooth position, should adjust upper and lower corrugating roll.
Six, surface appearance and corresponding moulding-die stare blankly
Slight moulding-die is normal phenomenon, when the pressure roller pressure is too large will make the face paper is affected by the mechanical force, a deeper moulding-die, even the borders have slight fracture, seriously affect the quality of corrugated board and decreases the intensity of the cartons. The solution is to adjust the pressure roller pressure, pay attention to the combination of speed, the thickness of the paper, paper and other factors.
Does seven, edge glue
The reasons are the following:
1. The quantitative high cardboard and glue too fast;
2. Carton base paper moisture content is too low;
3. The roller pressure adjustment is not reasonable;
4. The adhesives caking, viscosity is not enough;
5. When the adhesive coating is too big, cause paper edge strip;
6. Edge paper guide adjustment is not reasonable.
Eight, stare blankly
Corrugated rollers are the main reasons why don't parallel and clamping pressure is insufficient, should adjust the corrugated roller.
9, high and low stare blankly
Corrugated roll, pressure roll surface contamination reasons, parallel to wear or not; Corrugated cardboard surface pressure is not uniform; Corrugated roller temperature is not enough; Corrugated roller pressure bearing wear; Paper guide bracket is not parallel.
Solution: according to the above various reasons, corresponding adjustment equipment, replacement parts.
In a single machine has some problems in the process of production of corrugated board is not involved in the above, but as long as carefully observe, analysis the reasons, we will be able to find a solution. (Gold Printing Group)
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