Shenzhen into the largest printing and packaging city
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Shenzhen into the largest printing and packaging city

Reporters from yesterday in 2012 the city at the news publishing forum that zhuhai's news publishing and printing industry to continue to grow, printing enterprise achieves 2100, production value of 34.6 billion yuan, is China's largest printing and packaging city.
It is reported, the press and publication industry, in addition, there are a public newspaper 14 home, journals and books press 2 house, house, audio and video press four, electronic publishing company home 1, Internet publishing unit 8 home. In 2011, the total book published in 515 kinds of books press, the total amount of 10.856 million volume, with an increase of nearly 10%; The magazine published book, called the 24.53 million, an increase of 8%.
In printing, a new printing enterprise in 2011 at 200, up 14%; Printing production up to 34.6 billion yuan, more than 2010 yuan of 33.6 billion growth of 3%. 2011 "national top printing enterprise" by the shenzhen 21 enterprises are on the list. According to information, shenzhen printing after 30 years development, not only in the whole nation to have the brand effect, but also in the world also have a higher profile. Shenzhen export-oriented printing enterprise about many 800, shenzhen printing enterprise half of the products are sold to overseas, and to be the important prints the export base.
It is reported that in 2012, the city will continue to foster news publishing industry, realize the development mode change, strive to make zhuhai's digital publishing industry to create "cultural + technology" demonstration industry. At the same time, printing will seize the upgrading of the industrial structure, will try hard to build a "cultural + technology" of the printing industry characteristics, all-round promote printing in "1025" to high and new technology industry during the transformation and "standardization" work.

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