Saudi Arabia has crossed $800 million market size printing
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Saudi Arabia has crossed $800 million market size printing

According to a 2014 Saudi printing and packaging exhibition organizing committee news released by the Saudi Arabia printing market is in the gulf region one of the oldest and largest printing market, it has breached $800 million, and maintain the stable growth of 8% a year.At present, the Saudi daily production of newspaper and magazine every month products of 5.1 million and 2 million, respectively, for the printing industry in the region of booming development laid a solid foundation.
Saudi Arabia's printing industry is the entire gulf region's oldest and largest.The rapid economic growth, government spending and population scale expands unceasingly, culture and education activities has become increasingly active, retailing development is rapid, this directly promoted the Saudi Arabia, the rapid development of printing, advertising and marketing industry and stimulate the market demand for printing equipment and services.
Nowadays, most of government agencies have their own printing equipment.Only this one department of defense has 20 printing press.And universities and education institutions also have their own publisher.Therefore, Saudi Arabia's demand for advanced products and services is very large, local printing enterprises urgently need to use modern technology and efficient equipment to meet the market demand.

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