Russia received print publications, the e-book market development rapidly
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Russia received print publications, the e-book market development rapidly
Russia successively appeared in the history of the five masters, awarded the Nobel Prize for literature because of its strong literary atmosphere, Russia has been published the world superpower. According to the "time" magazine reported on July 15,, even if the printing and publishing industry strong Russia is now plagued with world printing publishing industry crisis, but the emerging ebook industry high-profile, but deeply threatened by rampant piracy.
In publishing the crisis at the same time, the development of e-books is impressive. According to the Russian Association of Online Publishers (the Russian Association of Online Publishers) report that sales of e-books in 2012 than in 2011 completed the double increase, to $8 million. Otherwise, the report said 70% of Russia's readers choose to read e-books, per capita consumption $3 a month.
However, even if the ebook market is low prices, can't escape from piracy. Russia newspaper news that 92% of e-book users admit that has been on the Internet to download a free ebook. The move caused the e-book industry as much as $120 million in losses every year. Head of the Russian state publishing agencies have taken measures to crack down on illegal book market, at the same time, encourage the public to read e-books from legitimate sources. But experts say only when Russia built like amazon's own network mall and integrate high quality electronic resources, e-books can really out of pirate infestation get long-term development. (Gold Printing Group)
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