Printing News
Printing News
Printing News
  • 2014-7-25 10:21:18China Printing Solutions-In the first half of 2014 China domestic news record-keeping a new low over the past 20 years
  • 2014-7-9 10:10:34China Printing Solutions-European countries flexo association meeting, discuss cross-border cooperation
  • 2014-7-7 10:15:50China's papermaking is the world's first, is the general direction of green environmental protection
  • 2014-7-3 14:02:03The grand opening of Shanghai international printing weeks
  • 2014-6-6 10:00:50How the government practice limit excessive packing problem
  • 2014-6-4 10:14:00Flint to launch the first application of flexo markets around the world
  • 2014-5-30 9:50:35Global markets a wide range of flexible packaging development momentum
  • 2014-5-29 9:52:433D printing the size of the market is expected to grow to $16.2 billion in 2018
  • 2014-5-28 9:42:23This article briefly introduces the three Japanese convoy green printing standard system
  • 2014-5-23 9:56:43HP inkjet digital printing machine reel paper team added new army
  • 2014-5-19 10:09:48Most U.S. companies believe that digital printing quality can be comparable to offset printing
  • 2014-5-16 9:50:58Drew 2016 exhibition will be aimed at printing and cross-media solution
  • 2014-5-13 10:53:26InPrint 2015 announced after successful '14 show
  • 2014-5-12 10:09:20Japanese paper market eight consecutive month of growth
  • 2014-5-6 10:19:52IBM microscopic 3 d print out the minimum cover
  • 2014-4-18 10:07:12The development of digital printing technology is very fast
  • 2014-4-17 10:16:32Baking industry transformation and upgrading of printing reflection from Germany
  • 2014-3-28 10:30:13Note the status quo of anti-counterfeiting printing
  • 2014-3-25 10:01:07The global 3 d printers shipments compound annual growth rate will reach 59%
  • 2014-3-11 10:07:04Global packaging machinery market surge in demand, high-end trend is obvious
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