Plate storage basic processing rules
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Plate storage basic processing rules

For plate for, proper storage and management is very important. Here is the "version, the whole box plate and finished version material the situation to briefly introduce flexo storage and management.

One, in the factory plate, plate storage basic processing rules are as follows:

1, unexposed plate

In the packing box, with black plastic film bag completed

Can't on uneven contact surface

In the film exposure before, just can peel surface wafer

After stripping, if excessive bending, will make cover wrinkling, these wrinkles in exposure process, will leave stains

2, already exposure of the plate:

Be careful treatment, with a piece of cardboard mat in the following anti bending

With the original surface slice light cover to protect it

3, wash edition after wetting plate

Avoid contact with resin surface, otherwise, it will form stain

Processing, avoid suction solvent volatilization gas

4, after drying plate

On the flat contact surface, make its cooling

Don't touch the resin layer

Prevent sunlight or other uv light exposure

Second, plate material suppliers to the whole box plate, in order to maintain the best condition, deposit is as follows:

Temperature control: 5 ~ 25 degrees Celsius, when the temperature is below 10 ℃, the transfer to process chamber of the plate to stabilize placed a period of time, in order to avoid exposure machine produce thermal shock effect.

Humidity control and avoid excessive moisture (humidity 60%)

Packing box placed ways: all keep flat, each pile of no more than 10 box

Third, from process quotient to finished product plate, deposit rules are as follows:

Pure air: ventilation is good, clean, no solvent volatilization gas, away from the ozone source

Temperature control: 5 to 35 degrees Celsius

Matt exposure: dark room

Plate don't touch each other: between plate have enough air circulation

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