Packaging printing ruffled drive optical network printing technology
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Packaging printing ruffled drive optical network printing technology
In recent years the rise of fold drive optical network printing technology is packing screen printing in the family a new star. Traditional refractive effect is generally made first with refraction texture copper zinco, round pressure round or circle pressure flush letterpress printing machine in gold and silver cardboard extruding different angles lines, produce refraction texture effect, this method are the shortcomings of process cost is high, the effect is not so satisfied. And screen printing can easily in the mirror gold, silver cardboard printing favorable balance of trade fine the concave and convex line, the light irradiation will produce colorful refractive effect, make the screen printing packing box of more luxuriant nobility.
Fold drive optical network printing process flow for: refraction manuscript design, anchor net, cleaning coarsening screen version, coated photosensitive glue, exposure, development, retouching, second exposure, printing.
1. The refraction manuscript design
Refraction manuscript design main points are as follows: will the image the need for refractive point dropping out part of the drawing into mm uniform chart, each mm length were divided into 5 ~ 8 root bisectrix, each root bisectrix and divided into black and white 10 ~ 16 uniform, with 16, for example, can be designed to black and white 12, or black and white 8. The line points line, arc, elliptical 3 kinds, line and arc with the graphics changes mutual kiss joint.
Refraction pattern appearance fine, complex, with the naked eye can't see through its internal structure. In more than 40 times under the microscope, can be clear at a glance to see refraction diagram is composed of several segments or dozens of period of equidistance arrangement but Angle and radian of different lines. Refraction line weight should be in 0.10 ~ 0.15 & mu; M, can use high resolution of the laser phototypesetter a slice.
2. Make fold drive optical network edition
(1) the choice of wire mesh and anchor net. Make fold drive optical network edition must choose the right screen for screen has good flexibility, and rubbing, expansion rate to be very small, mesh, printing ink layer to thick. Polyester silk screen is an ideal choice, generally choose mesh for 390 ~ 420 mesh/inch.
Guy and choose Angle is 22.5 & deg; The oblique anchor net way, request network version of the tension in 18 ~ 22 n/cm. For new guy good screen version must be cleaned roughening treatment, the network version of the quality has very important influence.
(2) coated photosensitive glue. Whether adopt automatic glue or manual glue way, must be to ensure the glue even and neat. Fold drive optical network version of the glue frequency depends on the sensitive glue thin consistency and decide, general need 4 times. First glue the glue applicator in network edition two sides repeatedly uniform scraping move, make photosensitive glue evenly fill the mesh, and then in 40 ℃ drying box dry. Second, third only for printing surface glue drying can, fourth is in scraping surface glue drying.
(3) exposure. Refraction line is fine, but close. In order to ensure the quality of printing, must use with vacuum adsorption device printing-down machine printing. Printing film when with screen coating surface closely jointed, plate burning time should be appropriate, too long is developing difficulties, too short affect screen printing resistance force, refraction line also can become coarse. Can use test strip for accurate measured exposure time.
(4) developing. Will drying system good screen in front of the pool, pool water deeply 20 ~ 30 cm, screen in the water soak 1 minutes, after that, will screen repeated pressure to water, use water pressure the image part of the sensitive rubber extrusion out, and clean. In order to ensure fold drive optical network edition coating uniform, when developing need low pressure nozzle wash. Development fully before baking.
(5) retouching. Check the page without pinhole, bubble and abuse, and to repair them.
(6) second exposure. Screen after drying and carries on the second time exposure, make the layout of the coating completely curing, improve the network version of the resistance to seal force.
3. UV refraction ink
UV refraction ink only in the mirror substrate surface printing can produce distinctive refractive effect. Printing can according to need to add a little thinner for dilution.
4. Fold drive optical network printing
If the refractive printing graphic area is larger, in order to ensure quality, must use high precision screen printing machine to complete, small area can adopt manual printing mode. Fold drive optical network printing requirements operation personnel of high quality network version of the production, scraper of hardness, Angle and pressure, and UV refraction ink performance and so on all have to understand, to be able to appear in the process of production of various problems take corresponding countermeasures.
1. Different manufacturer production of the same type of screen printing ink, its quality and performance also to have certain differences, the general must first after testing-run, determine the quality is stable and reliable then for batch production.
2. Ink before use must be fully mixing, especially in several kinds of pattern of ice flowers ink mixed use, it is best to use ferula mixing, a large number of when using had better use broad leaf mixer mixing.
3. Check ink curing condition, in order to avoid because of curing not complete and influence ink layer hardness and adhesion fastness.
4. Temperature change will make ink viscosity change, resulting in the difference of the printing effect, so should advance to the ink into the printing shop, make it adapt to the workshop temperature, ensure the quality stability.
5. UV ink to the skin has stimulation, take when using should be careful to avoid skin contact, such as skin contamination the ink, immediately wash with soap and water.
6. Ink should be in low temperature (2 ~ 18 ℃) seal save, avoid light avoid hot, retention period general for 6 months, in order to avoid ink performance change.
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