Packaging and labeling industry or in books printing enterprise new market
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Packaging and labeling industry or in books printing enterprise new market

Ebook shock, excess capacity, malignant competition, low wages, books printing market is under unprecedented "can't bear the heavy". In more and more books publishing unit will be included in the digital transition work schedules, books printing enterprise of managers have to think about the same question: where is the outlet printed books, whether the transformation have come to the fore? Many books printing enterprise is to packaging, even label direction transformation. He thinks, can provide the differential product is the key, the only way to have benefits. Transformation is certainly not YiHongErShang, overnight, among so what will you pay attention to? The author interviewed some industry experts.

Research on package labels market lay a good foundation for the transformation
At present, the books turn the topic of packaging in the industry is a heated discussion, the author also learned a lot of enterprises are considering, there is no lack of among them into practice actors. In the enterprise to the transformation, change the product structure or transformation or enterprise must first make market research, to the market demand for the premise for change. Even in packaging direction transformation, also want to study packaging market, packaging market covers range, the origin of the material, postpress deal with complex, so clear is toward packaging market which direction specific turn, make a rational transformation.
As is known to all, publications printing enterprise are faced with the challenge of from all parties, living under a lot of pressure, various causes a lot of enterprise widespread equipment utilization rate is low, "do not have enough to eat" situation. But to printing and packaging decoration label printing market change have space? According to the association and so on the various printing enterprise 10 or so, among them, publications printing enterprise many 6500, accounting for more than 6.4%; Packaging packaging printing enterprise many 43000, accounting for more than 43%; Other printing mode of enterprise have many 48000, accounting for more than 47%. From that, the packaging packaging printing enterprise most. Output value is, the output value $1800 packaging decoration printing more than one hundred million yuan, is far ahead. And packaging industry from electronic industries, the effects of the food products is supporting industry, strong compatibility, and all the products need packing, so it can be fast growth of the industry. Tag is cosmetics, cleaning products, logistics, warehousing, supermarket need, in recent years the annual increases in 15% ~ 20%. Especially electronic supervision code, which gives the label of demand for the billions, and also provides a very big market space. In contrast, books printed enterprises become reasonable transformation outstanding problems.
Packaging, labels printing have been growing, because people will always consumption, and consumer goods for a high degree of homogeneity, the alternative is very fast, after new packaging need to replace, so demand is big.

Direction change, form a complete set to keep up with the transition
Books printed enterprises will meet a lot of questions the transformation, the important is the person's idea of change, to realize the present situation, the enterprise is the necessity of transforming, then go to look for the market. And at the same time actively create conditions for transformation, this is not the adjustment of the equipment, technology, and management model of form a complete set of change to keep up with, because of the change of direction, the corresponding technical talent also need to undertake added. In addition, talent training is also very important, sales team construction is one of the important training of talents. Press HuoYuan relatively fixed because before, and packaging and printing is a fully open markets and fully competitive market, sales personnel are particularly important.
With the different products in equipment and adjust, change little part before printing, the printing of books enterprise mainly used offset printing machine, and printed books better nail binding machine if riding adhesive, folding machine, etc., and the packaging and printing part, because the base material involves plastic film, glass, paper, metal four, so printing equipment will also have gravure machine, different offset printing machine. The difference between the most obvious after printing, die cutting glazing, hot stamping, printing film is cutting bag making.
Books printed label, packaging and wide wide of the printing is different also, most books with 4, 6 open open primarily, but only 330 mm maximum label, and enterprise that after the row waste process is different also. As long as is the product have change, the equipment should be changed accordingly, packaging and printing enterprise also apply.

In a full market research determined after good direction, will set good transformation planning, and gradually to transition, cent good stage, because transformation can't accomplish in one move, can't try so hard. Let enterprise "two legs and walk" and don't focus a field, so the transformation is not only a good market under the helpless under a kind of behavior, more diversified development, and all the business can promote each other development.

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