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Oxfam released a new generation of printer iGen4
Xerox recently released iGen4 diamond printing. This printing machine is the latest generation of xerox iGen4 series products, available in production catalogue brochures, magazine and email advertising provides competitive advantage for printing solutions provider.
With similar iGen150Press, iGen4 diamond printing time saving, and high degree of automation. Components include 26 "fold card the color of the simple operation and saves the manpower, maintenance.
Xerox said in a statement, the iGen4 diamond edition work setting is simple, the production time is short; With precise repeatable colour performance at the same time, the quality of the printed page and at the end of the page can keep the consistency.
The statement also said that the profits of xerox digital business resources is one of the largest business development tool and resource industry. Xerox said in a statement, printing solutions provider can use the repository, making technology investment profit maximization.
Spencer lab lab printing, iGen4 series to achieve a high return on investment. A laboratory study found xerox iGen4 provides commercial printing machine with the biggest machine availability, be one of the best products in the industry.
According to the laboratory, the bigger the machine availability, performance is more outstanding, means that have more to sell customers hand print, the printing factory can get more profit. (Gold Printing Group)
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