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On the strength of corrugated cardboard requirements

1 side pressure strength: go down corrugated direction, length of corrugated cardboard pressure feedback to the maximum stress can before. Units: N/m.
Side pressure strength = surface base paper comprehensive ring crush strength + comprehensive corrugated paper ring crush strength * shrinkage rate
General side pressure calculation according to the base paper minimum ring crush strength calculation (safe), the actual test value can be greater than the calculated value is appropriate.
2: the resistance strength: unit area of corrugated cardboard rupture can bear before the biggest outside force uniform increase.
Units: Kg/cm2.
Cardboard rupture strength = noodles paper rupture strength GeZhi rupture strength in + + the bottom paper strength for manufacturing process broken * will have certain strength loss, the actual test the bursting of the strength could be less than the calculated value of 1 Kg/cm2. Or so.
3: through strength: the new national standard GB6544-1999 has canceled a cardboard skewers strength requirements. (the original standard GB6544-1986)
4, cartons, compressive strength:
Ordinary box, corresponding to the international box code: 0201
Compressive strength = edge compressive strength (N/cm) * Carey carter constant F
F value depends on the carton peripheral long, 2 * (long + wide) cm. And corrugated stare blankly type. Two project is determined, F value can check list.
In fact the compressive strength test value and cartons of length, breadth and height ratio have relations. Also, the same material around long stare blankly type of carton: the higher the height, the smaller the compressive; Long * the bottom of the wide area, the greater the resistance to pressure.
5, machine package box compressive strength = corresponding common box the compressive strength of * * * * * * * * * * * * 0.6 1.62 wave cover wide/cardboard wide.
6, cartons, paper of adhesion strength (corrugated shape peel strength and not take place sticky box of adhesion tongue intensity). Separation unit length and corrugated paper paper board face the force needed. Units: N/m stare blankly. Industry standard unified regulation for more than 588 N/m stare blankly.
7, DuiMa strength and compressive strength.
For carton compressive strength = [carton gross * (DuiMa layer-1)] * safety coefficient K. The front of the static strength DuiMa divided into cartons. K value depends on how much the print, opening degree, packaging, valuable properties in degree, storage and transportation time, conditions, etc. K value generally take 2-5.

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