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North American printing ink industry facing severe challenges

In recent years, the north American printing ink industry met unprecedented severe challenges, each printing ink manufacturers are under the soaring prices of raw materials with the great pressure. Even crude oil prices remain stable or eased, and other key raw material price growth also to volatile prices of ink influence. At the same time, some supply of raw materials is still unstable, some companies have been withdrawn from the market, some are turned to profit more lucrative other areas.

Global economic decline to printing caused serious influence, especially in the publishing and commercial printing field, and ink manufacturers are also felt the impact. Along with the printing enterprise for loans of the difficulty increases, even inkjet so the speed of growth in the emerging field have also been affected.

In fact to some extent, the printing ink of manufacturers in North America in 2011 for his performance is satisfactory, the recovery of the economy make their raw material costs tend to be stable. Of course, the condition of sales of the ink is not restored to the level before the recession, and hot and solid type and press ink sales might never return to the Numbers were. At the same time, printing ink manufacturer's margins continue to drop. Even so, the whole situation of ink manufacturing or improved, some international famous printing ink of our manufacturer in 2012 years of development prospects are full of confidence.

In the dense optimism, manufacturers in North America to some of the raw materials ink supply and price also have a worry, especially those from the oil extracted from the composition. Due to the unrest in the Middle East, the price of crude oil is rising quickly, and in 2011 the August 80 dollars a barrel by the end of February this year increased to $108 a barrel. Such prices of ink bound to raw material price and cost of transportation effect.

Due to the lack of raw materials to the price movements of a accurate prediction, so it's hard to say the future is bright printing ink industry or darkness. Ink manufacturers are doing all they can to ensure raw material supply, reduce cost and development of new products, so as to provide more choice and more quality services. The leader of printing ink industry brand for, 2012 years is still full of opportunities and challenges for a year, they need to be prepared, forged ahead.

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