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Nearly half the 2013 global printing enterprise revenue growth
Recently, drew the exhibition organization Dusseldorf company formally released the first portion of the global printing industry trend survey report.
The organizing committee for the global printing enterprises and related units on the future printing topic has carried on the deep discussion, a total of 2425 business executives to answer, 1419 of them come from printing enterprise, 498 people from printing equipment and equipment suppliers, 508 people from purchasing print industry.
Feedback to the survey, 45% of respondents said the company turnover growth in 2013, 21% of respondents said fell.In 2013, in a variety of challenges and pressure, printing enterprises, suppliers, and print purchasing units did not choose to raise prices of their commodities.Only 19% of respondents said the increased management costs make it to raise sales prices, while 35% of respondents said lower compared to the sales price.
In the developed countries and regions, the enterprise by raw material costs and labor costs increase pressure is relatively large.Factors, the economic downturn has made most of the printing industry enterprise growth.All in all, in 2013, despite the presence of 45% turnover year-on-year increase, but there are still 42% of the decline in enterprise, only 19% of the increase corporate profits.
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