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Manual silk screen is usually use up

Nets printing printing process looks very simple, a spatula a nets just. But the transfer process of ink in ideas and general that far more complicated, because the nets printing ink printing tour in a rotary motion is always, rotating centrifugal and scraper to ink pressure on at the same time function.
General accuracy of screen won't consider these problems. Always a lot because theory, but in practice may be only two or three steps. Many do very good master may also to this problem no probe. From practice to practice itself is also exploring and developing nets printing technology a main path. Talk about in the process of net printing ink transfer, we mainly discusses the transfer of ink process and influence of the transfer of the ink point, if into our daily printing to the target word, that is how to accurately control lines and outlets accuracy, using the best parameters to achieve this process.
First, the ink is from the nets printing with blades on the crowded the past? I feel that this problem is not too. Divide kind of case. First CheYuan point, offset printing, gravure and resin version technology including pad printing, the printing ink of transfer process is let printing ink layer and printing ink and realize the close contact with the relay. Come back to us to take a let down the nets printing inks transfer process, we also find that, the ink in nets version online knife hole with ink after, we scraper scraping the seal is let nets version and purpose close contact printing, nets hole the bottom of printing ink is in contact with the moment of printing stuck to print on. So nets printing the most main function is scraper realize net edition and printing precision line contact, not with a lot of force will ink pushed through the nets version. This is precisely control the amount of ink under a theoretical foundation.
The reason is because the application of net edition printing industry is very wide, said to squeeze half-tone printing ink, in order to get the maximum amount of ink, the most typical is to use a head to achieve the goal of scraper printing, it and we demand under the amount of ink precision control requirement is not the same. In this article I put round head of nets printing scraper in a special case to see.
This article mainly about the transfer of ink process and discusses how to everyone and precise control the amount of ink, scraping the Angle of nets printing ink of ink amount under the influence. The best recognized at home and abroad scraping ink Angle is 75 degrees, the hair of opinion is also so. It ZhouTianHan ink in the development JinDaSheng series ink Mr. In the process, do a lot of experiments to study scraper Angle hardness and the interactive relationship between the ink viscosity. Got a lot of valuable data. Mr. Zhou point of view is do ink must will nets printing ink of transfer process of three understanding, think network printing ink accurate transfer process is the product of many factors of compromise. Through the experiment, can understand the scraper Angle, scraper hardness and ink viscosity, printing ink to cut off the force between the short printed in blow in the process of interaction. Based on this will make a best optimum seal, the printing ink of force. I feel that it's point of view is correct, printing ink suppliers should consider to ink parameter is the nets printing process is very important subsystem and experiment, from nets printing ink the proviso. Infrastructures, we really delighted to see domestic high-end ink in recent years and high-end silk screen has made the breakthrough.
It puts forward the printing ink scraping in the process of pressure concept. I would like to explain the concept, why the same dynamics, the same scraper hardness, under the premise of the same printing speed why appear scraping the seal 60 degree Angle than scraping the print Angle 75 degrees to large amount of ink under? And experiments show that mainly in the printing process, scraper and nets cloth Angle of the ink is in high rotation speed, high speed rotating blade to wall and nets cloth produce centrifugal pressure, in normal net printing process, not only have a let scraper intimate contact printing process, also and ink formed by rotating centrifugal pressure peace push pressure fight. The formation of the ink pressure area and the pressure distribution model shows that. Under the same conditions, scraper scraping the tangent of the ink printing in pressure is scraping the seal greater perspective, the pressure of nets cloth ink is relatively small, the greater the conversely. The formation of the ink pressure with ink viscosity also has the very big relations. Ink viscosity of moderate, rotating centrifugal force will be well control, this process by high speed rotating into the flat push type movement, so the precision printing, the advice of experts is to use the printing ink of high viscosity.
In precision line net edition after plate making, often coated with very low surface tension of waterborne teflon solution, only one over fifty after drying microns thick, does not affect the nets edition parameters, but can make ink and friction force of the screen to a minimum. Extremely low surface tension means nets printing surface also has a strong spent oil resistance, good control of the ink along the nets hole open under the spread, and in the process of high-speed mobile scraper, high viscosity of printing ink and lubrication nets presence in maximum changed the rotary motion of the form, and will transfer to the hole in the nets ink and nets version of ink on excess in maximum reduce interaction, doing precision printing, printing ink on the effect of viscosity precision printing is usually better than we think big, high viscosity ink line and precision outlets for precision printing printing quality consistency has a very big impact.

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