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List of used morris hand press a price in New York
In the 19th century British famous craftsman William morris had used "6551" Albion hand press print was publishing the magnum opus of Scott works by Geoffrey Chaucer.The machine used to create too much of the great work of the printer at Christie's in New York, and clinch a deal with the price of $233000, more than $100000 to $150000 valuation.
According to the New York times reported that the famous printer is ultimately by the rochester institute of printing to success, they plan to join the 122 - year - old machine hand press to their graphic art collection "card".Collection manager Steven Galbraith said: "this printing press will be printed in rochester institute to regain vitality, it is more than just an collection, but for college students, scholars and actual operation of the printer printing workers."
In 1894, William morris cost 52.10 pounds ($85) to buy this printer.Maurice died, the special printer has been carried on the inheritance as heritage, until 1960, was taken the send collectors Elizabeth and Ben Lieberman couple bought.Outside speculation, rochester institute of printing auction to morris "Albion" presses the move may by the class of 1974 female students Brooks Bower support behind the scenes.

William morris is a 19 th-century British designers, poets and early socialism activists and self-taught artisans.He design, supervision, or personally, textiles, furniture made of stained glass, wallpaper and other kinds of adornment caused an arts and crafts movement, change of the Victorian popular taste.Between 1868 and 1870, the publication of the narrative poetry anthology "the earthly paradise" in ancient Greek to the medieval legend borrowed a express breast block.He also is one of the important members sent before, but rarely leave paintings. (Gold Printing Group)
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