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Lebanon as a representative of the Middle East countries to YinYe full of hope

As the Middle East and north Africa region of press and publication of the country, Lebanon has "the Middle East press" reputation. According to the headquarters is located in the Lebanese capital Beirut, 53 DE (Dots) printing company general manager GuNaiM · jamal (Wael Jamaleddine) analysis, Lebanon printing can in the turbulent situation maintain growth, mainly because of its unique style, excellent designers and low price.
It is reported that in 2010, Lebanon's book exports accounted for about 20% of the country's total exports left and right sides, this is a worldwide leading. As a Arabian proverb says that: "Cairo people write books, Beirut, Baghdad book people who read."
Printing advantage
Lebanese printers currently have an advantage is the country's media relatively open, allow people to publishing and printing some in other gulf countries can't see images and text.
Redi (Raidy) printing group can deeply realize the different national conditions to their business effects. The company in Beirut and dubai has production base, mainly published four version of the magazine, some of which version is to accept examination, others don't need, they do so the purpose is to meet the different national culture, and the requirements of the examination system. Having the international quality control system, in Beirut and dubai factory to produce the same version of the magazine is almost no difference.
Although Beirut at present probably has 800 printers, but only a handful of enterprise can give full play to their own capacity and printing out meet ISO quality standards and FSC or PEFC and other environmental protection standard product.
Check Molly (Chemaly & Chemaly) is Lebanon big a printing enterprise, it in Beirut has a cover an area of an area for 14000 square meters of factory, and in Iraq and Saudi Arabia is equipped with printing machine. And redi printing group to print a month 120 kinds of magazines, but of which only 30% of the magazine is designed for Lebanon customer production. It in 2007 in dubai opened a cover an area of an area for 7000 square meters of printers, in order to satisfy the gulf region growing printing requirements.
Lebanon to print each year hundreds of Arabic, French and English version of the magazines, books, brochures and business publications, and its exports to the Middle East of north Africa, Europe and the United States. Teaching material printing in Lebanon on printing market occupy a big proportion of the, here printing materials will be exported to Iraq, Libya, Jordan and Morocco.

In recent years, with a few enterprises are in Egypt and Turkey factory, Lebanon printing are also feeling the enormous pressure of competition. Plus the end of 2009 across the united Arab emirates economic crisis down the local printing costs (dubai current printing price prior to the occurrence of the economic crisis low 10% ~ 15%), making Lebanese printing enterprise but also lose the price advantage. Many people think that dubai's printing into this is better than the Lebanese still low, mainly is where the real estate prices continue to drop.
According to the pie's country, according to a report in the Middle East north Africa printing revenue is expected to $2015 in 11 billion, more than $2009 in 7.7 billion increased by 33%. Whether redi printing group or 53 DE, printing companies are going to open a new printing factory to meet the growing demand of printing.
Redi printing group is currently Beirut suburb make a cover an area of an area for 20000 square meters of printing city, and is responsible for the project construction is the German famous printing builders euro drafting company (Eurographica). Last October, 53 DE, printing company also in Beirut suburb has opened a total cost of $17 million printers, and for the introduction of a Heidelberg, the bei add and dimensional lattice and world famous printing equipment. In addition, the company also investment of us $3.5 million build a packaging plant. The first phase project will cover an area of 12000 square meters, wait for the second phase of the project is completed, the factory total area will be expanded to 22000 square meters.
Jamal said, into the packaging area is the company implement diversification development strategy, part of the market and of high quality printing demand is urgent. He said: "because of the Internet and the emergence of the notebook computer, books and magazines will further reduce the number of printing, so we decided to his half of the productivity transferred to the areas of packaging, I hope that in the future the latter can make greater development."
The company has already launched a new food packaging production line, and they are and Lebanon a non-profit organization collaboration, is for the purpose of through the high quality packing for the customer provide more value-added services.

Looking to the future
According to Google company released statistics show that the Middle East of Internet users have been increased from 2009 in 64 million to 2010 in 86 million, growth rate reached 39%, and the proportion of people on the Internet will also continue to increase. But local printing enterprise does not give up, they through the adoption of online order means such as part attracted to e-commerce customers. In 2010 alone, the Middle East north Africa to area through the network sales of goods and services to reach 90 billion dollars, was 37% higher than in 2009, which book sales ranked first. Thus it can be seen, although electronic publishing in constant temperature, but to Lebanon as a representative of the Middle East countries still on the prospect of printing industry full of hope, and their vigorous development will also be global printing inject new vitality.

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