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Indian pulp prices, will increase the pulp material imports
According to the report, due to the domestic pulp prices climbed all the way and the increased ability of the paper, India's large paper-making enterprises began to think of pulp material imported from overseas.
The west coast of India's large paper-making enterprises, such as ITC, paper, JK paper and BILT company already imported from overseas, such as sawdust and logs, if achieved certain effect, is expected to pulp imports will continue in the future.
Over the past five years, India's domestic pulp price increased to 5000 rupees per ton, about double. At the same time, from 2008 to 2010, India's domestic years increase printing and writing paper production capacity of 1.6 million tons, equivalent to a third of the previous capacity.
In addition, India's domestic pulp production capacity continues to increase, the JK paper new output of 215000 tons, pulp production equipment is in test run, BILT new capacity equipment company is also in debugging.
India's papermaking association statistics show that in the past 10 years, the papermaking enterprises supported by farmers, ensure the afforestation land used for pulp material supply more than 500000 hectares. But still cannot meet the needs of rapid growth market, especially because of rising prices, many farmers will land into land for food production.
At present, the Indian pulp import prices for $630 to $700 per ton, and the domestic pulp material price rising. In order to stay in business, India papermaking enterprises have to seek pulp material imported from overseas. (Gold Printing Group)
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