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In the process of printing ink attached to the bad fault

Table India ink to bad
Phenomenon: the packaging and printing ink ink film (graphic) can use finger strokes, wipe (or tape stick down) down in scrub and knead, ink film will fall down, especially when the water soaking time, again after dry, ink film can still be rub down.
Reason: (1) is the printing ink film "dry crisp; (2) the ink and their content is no adhesion between sex (hydrogen bond value caused by different); (3) is printing ink system the link material content is too small; (4) is the printability surfaces too smooth; (5) ink and cap is the surface tension of the things don't balance is bad or paper absorption sex is too strong; 6 is ink dry degree bad... .
Methods: (1) add a little cheap natural rosin and should adhere to the production; 24 hours after the test, in 25 measured, points times thinner should be added or bentonite regulation; (2) the viscous (influence fastness attachment), moderate increase softening point low resin, such as polyamide resins; Add 1% ~ 5% of rosin (rosin add too much, not only affects speed, and often back to dry stick); Join TU-320 crosslinking agent 0.2% ~ 0.5%; And to join viscous resins; Increase the printing pressure; Deal with their content; Choice is not only water resistance and softening point low printing ink.

Printing ink in the attached to the bad
Phenomenon: before printing ink in proofing (or blow a kind) no problem, and when printing composite will be torn off.
Reason: (1) is the printing ink system dispersant or wax the adhesive excessive; (2) is antistatic too much; (3) is the ink printing things don't correspond with complex (with the wrong ink); (4) the packaging and printing ink ink film film too early, leaving a volatile solvent not completely (too much residual solvents); (5) is the ink is so thin especially ink system link content is insufficient; 6 packaging and printing of oil MoJing (namely the mirror surface) too smooth; 7 ink and compound plastic material is poor solubility. Note: when proofing (or blow a kind), use adhesive tape pull don't take off, in ink system including anti adhesion increase slippery agent excessive, this viscous not to take off a can only refers to the surface of the 岀 ink suspended anti adhesion slide agent and the adhesive tape and pull not dissolve in off an illusion. When printing ink film surface in a suspension of anti adhesion increase with compound plastic slide agent is dissolved, will 岀 now proofing (scrape ") don't fall off, and composite not firm packaging and printing fault. When proofing (or blow a kind) ink film dry thoroughly, no problem, but when in India after compound after, because the residual solvents at a certain temperature conditions and be 岀 evaporation is leading to compound not firm fault phenomena, such as use wrong ink or dilute excessive, ink film is too thin and cause of the composite fastness poor; Coated compound plastic not divide evenly or too thin is the product compound bad one of the roots of.
Methods: (1) when the attachment is not so good, join domestic petroleum resins; (2) may at any time to join 0.1 ~ 0.3% of the TU-310 (crosslinking agent) adhesion accelerator. If because of the initial adhesion rickety should enlarge the MP-45 or CEVA resin 4% ~ 6% (solid) and can improve the adhesion; (3) if because of the composite tensile stress can increase the CPP liquid is bad; (4) choose not too smooth surface of their content; (5) change printing ink; 6 in ink to prevent slippery agent.

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