Government art print Management customers acquire GPO art print Jobs: February 9-15, 2011
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Government art print Management customers acquire GPO art print Jobs: February 9-15, 2011

From February 9, 2011, by indicates of February 15, 2011, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) awarded 90 one-time art print jobs to 29 art print supplier customers of Government art print Management. The total value in new business for the customers was $635,754. These art print suppliers won new business like a result of collaboration with Government art print Management in not only getting GPO solicitations that fit their creation and schedule requirements, but in gaining a proper quality level status as well as historical pricing information essential to winning the jobs without leaving excess money at the table. The leading 10 occupation winners (in alphabetical order) were:

· Ascot point & Label, Newark, New Jersey
· Bosworth Printing Company, Stoughton, Massachusetts
· FileAmerica, Fordyce, Arkansas
· Gateway Press, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky
· Monarch Litho, Inc., Montebello, California
· Omaha Printing Company, Omaha, Nebraska
· creation Press, Inc., Jacksonville, Illinois
· Sellco Industries, Cortland, Kentucky
· Specialized Printed Forms, Inc., Caledonia, New York
· Whitlam Label, Inc., Centerline, Michigan

Government art print Management, solely endorsed by Printing Industries of America (PIA), provides significant enhancement to profitability by indicates of increased revenues driven by larger optimization of equipment and creation capacity. The firm provides goal-oriented representational services, safe and proven advice and counsel, as well as tools requisite to helping customers acquire jobs in government art print market segments that increase profitability. Services include interpreting occupation specifications, preparing paper work, slicing red tape, controlling the bid process and change order negotiation, as well as invoice preparation and 21-day collection.

“Clients get fast entry to GPO solicitations, immediate response from our expert services team, information from our exclusive historical database of GPO occupation and market information, and are ready to acquire operate profitably,” mentioned Deborah Snider, senior vice president of e-LYNXX Corporation and division president of Government art print Management

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