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Economic predicament in Britain printing enterprise contrarian achieve double-digit growth

Although a lot of people said that today's economic situation is not good, enterprise operation crisis, but in the economic crisis in the disaster area, a British printing enterprise is still achieve double-digit growth, this is Britain's holy moxa fu printing company (St Ives). This company obtains growth, mainly due to the company marketing services to maintain rapid growth.
In just the end of the fiscal year, the company's sales revenue growth for 30.6 million pounds to 327.4 million pounds. This among them, from the printing business income reduce £ 2.4 million, gross revenue for 280.3 million pounds; From the exhibition and activities of the income grew by 9.6%, and point-of-sale business grew by 2.9%, but it is still not enough to make up for printing business from the negative influence of the decline.
Holy moxa fu printing company introduces, in fact, the company in the book printing market share is on the increase, but the average YinLiang reduction and issue of the increase, resulting in the enterprise income and profits decline. In order to improve this situation, the company bought new Kodak Kodak/Timsons inkjet book printing production line, the production line is expected to November can be put into operation.
In contrast with the printing business is the company's marketing service, this part of the business not only make up for the printing business reduction, and let the enterprise sales and profits realized growth. And this part of the business, mainly comes from the holy moxa fu the acquisition of relevant enterprises.
When it comes to the enterprise's future development, holy moxa fu printing company chief executive Patrick Martell said, the future will be to provide a comprehensive service enterprise transformation, especially to strengthen enterprise provide market marketing service ability.
"Don't look forward to difficult economic situation in the short term can change. We need to do is to strengthen its market position, at the same time let us operations more efficient, let our financial position more is good, this is what we should do now... we believe that effort can have return, we also expect the development of the future," said Patrick Martell.

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