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China packaging printing process after the main problems which?
Packaging is constantly grow and develop in China, after packaging printing mainly exist the following problems:
A, backward technology
Binding process is still mainly manual Labour: flat wire. Since the text folding complex into hot back into a book process of manual operation inevitably randomness, is the main cause of productivity development and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Laminator equipment is introduced in the 80 s coating compound machine. Its process principle is glue - drying - composite.
Composite adhesives in order to adapt to the operation of the aircraft, to go through by the first solid change liquid (computer coating purposes), and a reduction of the liquid into solid state (to form adhesive) phase. It is to have the maneuverability of the coating line production, will be in phase change, first spend a lot of organic solvents (80% or higher), and give high power thermal energy (6 and 12 kw) make organic solvent volatilization.
This kind of system to have spear shield technology, it is cause production process produce large amounts of pollution and harm workers' health of body and mind, destroy the surrounding environment clean; Susceptible to sudden fire and not feasible to guarantee production safety; Resin coated products after prone to large blister, take off the film quality accidents; Coated products easily occurs after residual organic solvent volatilization odor caused by migration, make produce peculiar smell bad package commodities in the various kinds of problems.
Glazing process both polishing, pressure light, UV glazing technology. Glazing coating liquid to the solid state transformation of drying technology, make its are in the processing surface drying interior not dry at the same time, processing internal continue after drying on the colour of the printing ink printed layer effect, change the problems.
Second, the equipment defect
Binding in the spine after coating adhesive, on both sides of a page to the displacement transfer plate edge glue when use, and coating the adhesive glue off the spine, changed the original gelatinize evenness.
Binding hot back when finalize the design of temperature control, rarely have automatic adjustment function. Lead to the low temperature, dry, spine deformation; At high temperature, drying too quickly, the local contraction or coated surface pavement or melt.
Gum equipment defects of cutter structure, easy to cause a page of text groove is too shallow, adhesive for hot melt adhesive is not easy to perfusion.
Reverse coating structure is independent of laminator equipment power driven. With composite host matches the difference, causing the glue quantity more or less error, and affect the stability of the bond.
Laminator equipment drying device, in the same drying tunnel, actually there are three different temperature regions and in contrast to the organic solvent volatilization effectively just three concentration areas, resulting in a waste of resources and can not meet the expectations of adhesive effect.
Film coating equipment coating and film feeding mechanism design together, make a large quantity of organic solvent evaporation concentration area, film feeding in electrostatic field. The release of the spark and the maximum concentration of extremely flammable volatile gases, it is caused by the wet glue coating composite process are prone to sudden the root cause of the fire.
Thermal laminator equipment of institutions guarantee, thermal properties of the universal existence because of the heating roller diameter is too small, with thin wall, the wall thickness unevenness, single cavity air dielectric structure design and production and processing defects such as heat conduction and unreliable.
Polishing equipment coating thickness of the lack of reliable control device, can't meet the requirements of glazing coating film. Dry polishing equipment drying device, are lack of deep structure, make the dry only show the surface level. Hot stamping electrochemical aluminum format replacement of hot-pressing equipment is the main structure. Without the pretreatment device for processing base material surface. So on the new base material processing, only by the hot pressing can guarantee quality.
Third, obsolete material
Manual binding type adhesive all hydration, concentration control is not standard. Instability is caused by sticky relay, drying shrinkage is different, also make the nail wire is easy to rust.
Gum with ingredient is EVA hot melt adhesive. By paraffin to adjust its liquidity, adhesion-promotion resin embodies its viscosity, talcum powder to improve the hardness. Composition of the material is contradictory combination group. The book block infiltration depend on under the high temperature of liquidity, the liquidity of the guarantee, is to accelerate the hot-melt colloid aging, reduce sticky relay, as well as the low temperature embrittlement of obvious variation inducing factors.
Coated with solvent adhesive is habitual materials. Coated processing low price in the fierce competition, both tend to choose high seemingly low price and practical cost of solvent-based adhesives, forced adhesive producer to ensure their own survival under the low price, have to choose alternative combinations of components material. In turn increase pollution of the production process and the product quality problems of the film.
Adhesive for hot melt glue, laminating adhesives, glazing coating materials such as composition, basic is relying on foreign early special materials, and using the foreign advanced countries obsolete materials.
Four, poor technology
After printing the composition of the basic team, is a member of the prepress, printing after screening. Relative to prepress, printing production process, low cultural level, age structure is big. Intrusive production and processing, and there are many rural labor temporary emergency idle added manual production line. Training staff rarely accept after printing system, mostly lack basic knowledge of printing. Basically make printed after the physical state of rework.
Part of technical post production personnel, grasp of the machinery and equipment, lack of mechanical common sense and the necessary maintenance, maintenance and adjustment of basic skills, can't display mechanical normal efficiency.
There are many producers don't know the character of base material. Don't understand is influenced by climate changes produced by the different base material, can't see the trace of variation of base material, can't will this feature, the change of objective conditions, into their own operating intentions, the corresponding adjustment of production conditions, so that the processing effect is best. (Gold Printing Group)
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