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British printing orders for stabilizing rebounded in the third quarter, the development is in good condition
       According to the printing industry federation (BPIF) released the latest survey data show that in 2013 in the third quarter, the British printing orders rising, for the next season of the year good performance has been fully.
The quarterly survey report 110 printing enterprises for fishing expeditions, involving 10835 people working in the UK printing professionals.31% of the respondents said the third printing orders increased significantly, while 15% of respondents said the opposite, nearly half of the respondents said orders more stable printing.According to a report in 2013 British printing stability in the first three quarters of profitability, reaching the highest value of 20 years history.
Increased at the same time, the new contract factors, a third of respondents said the third quarter of the enterprise printing production increase.Nearly 50% printing enterprise "for the business performance in the fourth quarter of confidence, only 6% of respondents said is expected to decline.
Despite the recent negative reports about British manufacturing development continuously, but the latest research results make the printing industry is encouraging.In addition, also appear improve equipment utilization according to the report, 71% of respondents said enterprise operation rate reached 80%, 6% of respondents said to operate at full capacity, this data is also one of the best survey data since 2011.
To affect the problem of the biggest challenges for the future development of printing industry, three quarters of respondents said "price" to each other between competitors into the preferred.Low return on investment, pre-packaged management policy was followed by two big pressure on the launch.In addition, the cost pressure, higher energy prices and the issues of common concern to the printing industry.
The UK printing industry federation pre-packaged legislative problem is communication with government agencies.Energy prices there for all to see, the association has submitted to the government and other trade organizations jointly report related reform.Also invite the industry experts for printing enterprises on behalf of Shared experience. (Gold Printing Group)
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