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Australia printing profit drop to the lowest in three years

According to the Australian bureau of statistics latest statistics show that printing business environment in the second quarter of 2012 is still low, the investment in fixed assets in the industry, sales, pre-tax profits and economic growth rate are significantly down trend.
Australia printing association system and government affairs supervisor hargreaves cloth in the evaluation of printing on the performance of the quarter, said, he to the national bureau of statistics not surprised. He said: "we as early as in more than two months made the printing industry will continue to decline forecast, now the government department's statistical data also verify our conclusion."
The second quarter of 2012, the Australian also print a quarter respectively, compared with the same period last year dropped 2% and 13.8%, the highest in the years of maximum drop. In addition, according to hargreaves cloth is introduced, the last quarter Australia printing total added value is the lowest in 18 years. He said: "every year from the total industry added value point of view, printing is in recession phase, and the Australian economy is achieved 3.8% of strong growth. The family and government in the housing construction project investment for Australia's economic growth made an important contribution, but exports declined."
2012 years 1 to 6 months, Australia printing total investment is 243 million us dollars, than last year the corresponding period of $213 million increased by 14.1%, and in the next 12 months, printing also plans to invest 181 million dollars.
Australian bureau of statistics data display, and the first quarter of 2012, Australia printing in the second quarter sales dropped 1.9%; And the 2012-1 to 6 months of total sales for 7.646 billion dollars, than the same period last year decreased by 7.3% of the $8.246 billion, to $600 million. This means that the printing industry to reduce capacity will make 2950 full-time workers losing their jobs. Hargreaves cloth pointed out that Australia printing in the second quarter of this year in sales is 1998 years since the fourth quarter of the lowest.
In pre-tax profits, Australia printing in the second quarter pre-tax profits made than the previous season and the same period last year decreased by 37.9% and 64.8% respectively, this already is Australia printing the fourth straight quarter pre-tax profit decline, and in the past three year low.
Hargreaves cloth think, Australia printing industry is faced with a serious structural problems. Because from the macro perspective, Australia's economic growth is very optimistic, originally to promote the development of printing industry field, such as wholesale and retail, finance and insurance services, leasing, real estate services, professional services, education and training, medical care, public management and security fields has made good growth. And printing existing main for the problem is, the national economic growth and cannot be effectively into the increase of sales volume. As regards to construction project as an example, although it is Australia's economic growth has made a great contribution, but did not give printing bring direct interests.
Therefore, the printing enterprise operator speaking, if you want to change the status quo is no easy task. They must to manufacture new products and deliver new services for investment, encourage innovation, improve efficiency, At the same time idea managed to improve staff skills, looking for strategic partners

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