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American companies to develop a new recycled rigid printing medium

The United States 3 a composite material company develop a can be repeated use of rigid printing medium - - new fiber image display board.
"Ecological surface treatment woodiness board" is from 100% regenerated fiber composition, can be made into thickness is only 3.2 mm high density fiberboard. Fiber image display board after ecological surface treatment - water - double UV coating printing process is complete. Fiber graphics display board ecological processing design is aimed at both sides of the image display board provide excellent ink and paint adhesion, thus contributing to the double-sided printing and other double surface processing applications.
This product material introduces fiber image display panel is according to local society's "wood" or "paper" waste streams resources are recycled, as well as those of the application of printing ink, bracket, and other surface treatment materials is circulating renewable. Fiber board ecological surface treatment technology for CARB (California air resources board) certification.
Product information also describes the thickness of 3.2 mm of 49 inches x 97 inches folding fiber board performance. At the same time, also lists the fiber plate can be used as a base plate of a variety of other applications, including applied to a some medium-term scene demonstration, indoor plate and exhibition, production; Also can be applied to some of the long-term use range. Product information also describes the fiber board manufacturing technology, including image installation technique, the digital printing technology art, silk screen printing technology, drawing design technology, etc. In addition, fiber board can be cut open, section lines will be very tidy, won't affect beautiful.

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