About printing process to the dust control
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About printing process to the dust control

In the modern printing, whether flexible printing or gravure printing, all is mainly web press; In many areas of the offset printing, printing is also the main rotation way. But cycle-screens reel material printing, very easy for adsorption impurities such as dust caused by printing difficulty, and lead to print the decline in the quality, increase the defective products.

A, the dust of the influence of the impurities such as printing
Tube of paper or roll film in production or piled up in the process, because of friction and accumulated a lot of static charge, produce higher and very high electrostatic voltage. When the drum ingredients in their printing machines, people put volume contact roller, the human body could be the cathode (grounding electrodes), make the material of discharge printing. This discharge voltage can be as high as 20000 v, make the person is hard to imagine the shock. That the high voltage though, but power and current strength are very low, otherwise will kill you in a moment.
Although the static charge no fatal damage to people, but it will of the dust surrounding environment, packaging materials, clothes, hair, fibers of the tiny creature, residual ink particles adsorption to material surface printing, printing, composite, polish to the production process such as the difficulty.
Dust and impurities such as printing plate cylinder after contact, will be transferred to the printing plate cylinder and the cylinder adhesion to plate, plate of transmission of ink performance being destroyed. For the removal of dust adhered to the printing plate cylinder, the operator had to stop to clean. If their material to dust the impurities such as more, often less than a hour will need to clean again. Not only will the printing plate cylinder cleaning extend printing production time, cause the production efficiency losses, and every time after cleaning restart the printing, should have a period of adjustment process, will inevitably be loss part of their material, accumulate over a long period, resulting from the loss is the very considerable.

How to deal with this kind of problem, concerned expert proposal, to the following aspects should be enough attention.

1. The paper and paperboard dust removal
The dust may come from the papermaking, the impurities such as cutting, die-cutting, slot, envelope window process and napkins production line, and therefore must be thoroughly, it will affect the quality of printing products, and reduce the production efficiency.

2. Plastic film and metal foil except the static electricity

Plastic film and metal foils are easier to produce static, so in print before processing, must do well to dust cleaning work, so as to reduce the production of the cleaning and stop printing extra auxiliary time and improve production efficiency, but also to try to avoid the product quality problems and causes the customer refused phenomenon.

3. Food and drug bags before forming clean
Food and medicine bags to heat sealing made by processing bags, hot forming packing material must be clean before molding absolute. Used in vacuum packaging materials, its cleanness must meet the quality standard.

4. Shake the dust removal
Whether for paper, plastic film or metal foil for glazing to, first should carry on the dust removal process. The impurities such as dust attached to the printing material, will greatly influence the quality of glazing.

Second, how to effectively remove dust and impurities
Because the impurities such as dust by static adsorption effect is attached to the surface printing, so first you must eliminate charge, and cooperate with other measures, can the impurities such as dust thoroughly, achieve the requirement of processing printing and so on. After dividing electrostatic printing materials processing, can avoid adsorption impurities such as dust again.

1, how to remove dust and impurities

Print materials to achieve printing acceptable level, requires not only eliminate its surface of static charge, more important is to clear all the dust and surface adsorption other impurities. Eliminate charge, printing materials to the dust adsorption ability can immediately, and can avoid adsorption of the dust again environment around, but this is not equal to the surface of the impurities such as dust has adsorption had been removed, so must also cooperate with other measures.

The most simple and easy method is to eliminate static charge and then clean with brush. But this method can remove the larger particles, not completely clear.

More efficient way to apply ultrasonic generator produce powerful compressed air, through with paper roll wide width and very close to the same paper roll of spray nozzle, compressed air blow to print material surface, which is similar to the role of air blade, and net dust. Its role as the vacuum cleaner, dust won't return to their material surface. All kinds of different type of nozzle although geometric profile each different, but with their own patent technology to achieve a high rate of the air, some from the current nozzle can reach speeds of more than 560 kilometers per hour, can effectively remove the material surface printing attached to the dust particles.

2, how to eliminate static charge
Eliminate static charge the method to have:

(1) directly from the electronic transfer printing material walk;

(2) and other materials through contact for the transfer of electronic;

(3) through the and the surrounding air ion contact electronic transfer.

. Printing material directly from the electronic transfer away

In humidity higher environment, directly to the ground material printing, printing material static charge can disappear, make it no longer retain high charge, in line with the printing process requirements.
-through contact with other materials to electronic transfer

Has been ionized charge, similar to the conductor of object by charging incline to discharge. In this case, use fiber brush, the use of polonium, such as low level iridium element and the surrounding air ion produce radiation, can print materials and surface of the electrostatic, but this approach only for some special occasions. Usually, can use dc or ac high voltage to counteract the printability surfaces of the electrostatic, in order to eliminate electrostatic effect.

The usual eliminate static method based on the static DianBang eliminate static. Static DianBang composed by steel, two needle apart is very small. Will DianBang placed in their static over the top of the materials, with frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz high voltage electricity to produce and static charge. Recently have also adopted dc pulsed current to counteract static charge, the current is dual polarity pulse current, can according to need and static charge intensity and other characteristics, choose different launch frequency and power and extremely to.

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