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About Children's Book characteristics and requirements of special printing
1. The operation is simple and feasible
Don't need with the complex tools, only rely on listen to, smell, see, dynamic, trial simple action, can recognize, and still can make children be personally on the scene, place oneself in the story of.
2. Facilitates the implementation of pop-up printing, with low cost
For ease of implementation in enterprises, the process should try to simple, and can be significantly increased the cost of the publication of the books.
3. Change is reversible
The special printing effect should be reversible, namely hide or revealed effect can be repeated many times, otherwise consumables, can make the book lose again when reading the novelty.
4. Have certain characteristics and depth
The technology should be rich administrative levels feeling and depth, corresponding to the plot layer upon layer propulsion, the book of logic and inferential play a supplementary role, in order to arouse children's interest and seeking knowledge desire.
For adventure novels, adventure novels, clear-up novels and other topics of children's book equipped with have certain knowledge of science and technology content of clear-up way or small tools, it should be this kind of book unique selling points. But these additional product should be books and the integral design of the coordinated, and has its own characteristics.
children's book market competition is intense, makes the book publishers have to actively looking for all kinds of special design way and printing technology, in order to make children books do STH unconventional or unorthodox, in addition to the above mentioned special books outside, all kinds of special books, die cutting book also increasingly place on a bookstore shelves, become the books to be bestowed favor on newly. Good books printers, can be in the basis of the existing equipment, acquire some special printing technology and post-press processing technology, in order to adapt to the changing market, win more business opportunities.
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