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When thinking about marketing and promotion
The fact is that the reason that most malting campaigns fail in my opinion is lack of funding. As well as an unrealistic expectation on what that marketing should actually yields as an investment. The fact is that the reason why most marketing campaigns fails because they are grossly under budget, as well as generally the person in charge of marketing puts the Bosch on a before it’s got the ability to succeed. That’s why when I tell people when they’re about to do some type of a full color printing campaign generally geared to it’s new and existing customers.  They need to be in the game consistently. When I mean about this is the need to continue to their marketing on an ongoing basis again and again and again. To me it’s all about frequency. People remember first what they saw last. I tell people that are thinking about doing a mass mail are.  Here is a criteria I tell on the follow. One is get a big postcard, the biggest postcard you possibly can, which is a 6 x 11.5 laid to create as much as you possibly can with a specific dollar amount you have left.  When it comes to marketing and advertising is very important to get the most exposure possible at the same time, you limiting your risk. And I think is very important to use full color process when doing this. (Gold Printing Group)
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