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The world's largest wide sheet-fed offset press will be settled in the United States
Global group (North America) company recently announced that the United States leading printing enterprise Quad/Graphics unit will be installed in the summer of 2014, a sheet-fed offset printing presses, currently the world's largest wide new global group, 205. 
It is reported, this kind of super large format printing equipment will be used in the production of POP, logo, posters, display board and 81 inches and 59 inches of all kinds of printed matter.Global group 205 new profit shall be equipped with a variety of automation features, including automatic version of the system, UV drying system, the paper transmission system, etc.Once won the us InterTech technology issued by the printing industry association awards, can handle the biggest paper size is 59.5 x 81 inches, maximum printing speed of 9000 printed/hour.
Choose this kind of sophisticated technology and equipment main purpose is to reduce cost and reduce the switch time live parts.Quad/Graphics unit said the President.
(Gold Printing Group)
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