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The Middle East and Africa mostly think that printing is very important for business enterprise
Canon (Middle East), a recent survey shows that most of the Middle East and African businesses continue to believe that the professional printing business is very important to the company.
The careful investigation of the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Kenya's 210 professional printing user conducted in-depth interviews.
Results showed that 54% of respondents think that printing is more effective than any other media, 90% said will print as a multi-channel communication tool. This percentage ranked first in all media.
The result unexpectedly with previous experts forecast in stark contrast to the industry. Predicts that the importance of electronization in terms of its marketing strategy, it will eventually replace printed. In fact, the survey found that, print and digital applications will grow.
Canon (Middle East), deputy general manager of Naoshi Yamada says, "printing will continue to be in the Middle East and north Africa enterprises preferred medium, because it is effective to convey the information to end users. The survey results show that the world is not as predicted a few years ago are switched from one medium to another, but among the various media for meeting. Because in the multi-channel communication strategies, each kind of media plays an important role." (Gold Printing Group)
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