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Quick recovery after Germany folding carton industry crisis, merger boom has continued to spread
According to the report, folding carton industry in Germany in 2010 and 2011, two years time to recover the loss caused by the financial crisis. This is a German folding carton industry association (FFI) announced at the annual meeting of the recent information.
The folding carton industry production value of 1.907 billion euros in 2011 after a new record, the output value of 2012 and successfully return to a high level of 1.89 billion euros. The data of 1.892 billion euros in 2008.
Industry association spokesman said Mr Straw, customer demand for efficient folding carton industry continues to increase. From the federal bureau of statistics reports of folding carton enterprise as you can see, in the number of employees in enterprises continue to decrease in more than 20. German original folding carton printing factory of about 200, the number of federal statistics show that in 2012, more than 20 people enterprise only 98 left. That is to say, the folding carton industry merger boom continues to spread.
By the European carton manufacturers association (ECMA) statistical Europe's market share has shown that Germany to the stability of the 25% share of the market leading position. (Gold Printing Group)
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