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HP inkjet drum digital printing machine
According to the latest report, since the first inkjet paper rolls HP brand digital printing machine installation in production application five years ago today, this series of equipment in the amount of total global printing has 50 billion printing (A4), of which 16% print volume concentration in November 2013 to January 2014, the latest stage of the total print runs of by HP inkjet paper digital printing machine printing paper length up to 8.6 million miles, the length is almost:
38 times, between the earth and the moon distance
, the average can 7 pages printed matter for every citizen in the world
Is the Great Wall of China, the total length of 659 times
Can 349 laps around the earth
Print runs of explosion means that HP inkjet paper digital printing machine for printing enterprise clients with excellent quality and stable productivity, show that printing market are closer to the short version, the variable data printing way, but also better illustrates the HP inkjet paper digital printing machine can completely satisfy the strict requirements of the high-speed printing market.
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