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Global group updated version web inkjet printing system will appear
Since the global group company in drew ba 2012 exhibition at the latest research and development on the web high-speed ink jet printer - global group RotaJET76 later, this product will become the global printing industry the focus of attention of the people. In ten more days, this section by global group company gravity create digital equipment after a number of technical upgrade will again in Germany feld Tate city and meet the personage inside course of study, and then will also on February 11-15 Switzerland Hunkeler innovation day live demo. Through the books, newspapers and other color products with the actual printing to show its current have high precision printing quality. According to global group company relevant controller introduces, this is this kind of roll paper high-speed inkjet printing system in drew on, since 2012 the most greatly upgrade technology.
As the world's second largest sheet-fed and rotary printing equipment manufacturers, global group company has started for growing digital printing industry market with new system. With a large number of potential customers in deep communication later, RotaJET76 web high-speed ink jet printer in the ink supply, ink system, imaging and drying system of aspect to have carried out the greatest degree of upgrading, so as to ensure that this kind of work can be excellent printing quality among high speed inkjet printing equipment faction. Close to Switzerland to Hunkeler innovation activities, the customer will inevitably will bear witness to the shock moment. At the appointed time, global group RotaJET76 web high-speed ink jet printer will be provided with the latest research and development of the drying system and drum gear, using the latest generation of ink, at the same time Hunkeler attachment after printing system demonstration site. (Gold Printing Group)
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